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Utilization of digital systems for the convenience and benefits of entrepreneur and customers in realizing the creative economy for accelerating the people’s economy during the current covid-19 pandemic, technological advances are expected to facilitate the wider community so that the goals of the people’s economy can immediately improve and make it easier to use digital use.

Plan & Pricing Regional Branch

We build Regional branch With Smart System,

Regional City


3 Years buyback Warranty

Free Atribut Up to 100 Pcs

All Projects income

Full Office Equipment up to 50 Million

3 Years Maintanance Server

Monthly Reports

7/24 Support

Regional Province


5 Years BuyBack Warranty

Free Atribut Up to 100 Pcs

All Projects income

Full Office Equipment up to 50 Million

3 Years Maintanance Server

Cashback From Regional City 80% Income

7/24 Support

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Profesonal and Smart Management

Desirae Dias


Madelyn Torff

Marketing Head

Tiana Gouse

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Good Apps, Easy To use.

Amelia Abelo


Alternative Platform Transportations, Onestop Apps

Noah Johnson





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